Current Issue Summary:


Here is the situation now…..

Shia LaBeouf declared he was retiring from all public like because of the attacks he has been receiving against his artistic honesty on his twitter account. His artistic integrity was questioned after LaBeouf  lack to give Daniel Clowes credit for his work. Shia Labeof created a short film,HowardCauntour.com, that resembled “Justin M. Damiano” a 2007 comic about a film critic by Daniel Clowes. Magazine Vanity Fair’s Hollywood edition claims, “The film even uses most of Clowes’ dialogue, in some cases nearly word-for-word.” LaBeouf could almost certainly be liable for copyright infringement if “Justin M. Damiano” is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Vanity Fair’s also states that, “Clowes is pursuing his legal options” and rumor has it that LeBeouf  undoubtedly  does not fall under fair use. Shia LeBeouf has also received a cease and desist letter from Daniel’s lawyer because he posted a picture of it on his twitter account.


Global Issue Summary:

Copyright protects artists, authors, architects and/or any individual’s expressed idea(s).In order to get protected the original creator must submit an application and the piece itself to the copyright office. Copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is duplicated.The unauthorized duplication and distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. There is a right way to share copyright work and there is also a wrong (illegal) way to share. Copyright work can be used as a reference, but give credit where credit is due.

Group Reflections:

After reviewing and studying Shia LaBeouf’s case the group agreed that he should have been punished for his actions. The government makes it clear what the consequences and sincerity of copyright infringements are.  Therefore Shia shouldn’t be exempted. Shia apologized for his use of plagiarizing, but was it no different from the reason to what he was using to apologizing. Meaning he used previous apologies from other people to use to apologize to Daniel Clowes.


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