Copy Right Global

Sure it’s illegal to plagiarize in America, stealing someone’s work and calling it your own but what if you don’t live in America? Or what if you live in America and someone outside the country is plagiarizing your work? Often work, ideas and stories are shared between different countries. The problem is sharing these ideas, works, and stories can be tricky when there isn’t a copyright law protecting them. There is no international copy right law that each country must follow but 160 countries have ratified a treaty – the Berne Convention, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The treaty protects in the simplest way copyrights works around the world. There are 38 articles in the Berne Convention with different rules and regulation on international copyrights, with five revisions for developing countries. There is a clear cut law when in comes to copyrights international, but there is something to protect people’s work so that countries all over are able to share in each others creative work. (Link to the Berne Convention article)


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