I learned through this project that copyright and the first amendment seek the same thing but on a different bias. The first amendment protects the right to express yourself in a certain way and copyright protects the right on who and how it those ideas can be distributed.  I think that in the future the law will adapt more on having copyright and the first amendment to come together. As for the case it should have ended differently. I felt like Shia got away with copyright.  He took someone idea and try to make it his own. He may have apologized but the still didn’t make it right.  The government makes it such a big deal about getting copyright on our ideas and when we have it and other steal the idea those people aren’t punishable.

How this applies to me

Copy righting applies to largely when it comes to school work. Often times we are given assignments and the first place we go to look for information is the internet. With so many ideas and views it’s easier to get an assignment done when you have all of that help. The problem is I have to be careful that someone else’s ideas don’t come out looking like my own. It’s completely okay to agree with someone and even share their ideas or views as long as I cite my sources. Citing where I received my information can be tedious work and a lot of times it’s easy for me to forget because I’m either not paying attention or simply forget when I’m done with my own work. The consequences to forgetting can be great. I can receive a low grade on my assignment or even be expelled depending on how extensive my plagiarizing is. As a student it is important that I remember that I need to cite any idea or work that I publish or hand in that’s not my own.

Nyajaha’s Reflection

Learning about this case made me realize how serious copyright infringement is.
One person could be fined between $200-1500,000, who has that much money? I know from reviewing this case that when it comes to using other people creative work I need to give them recognition and make sure the reason for the use of it is clearly known.