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Shia LaBeouf declared he was retiring from all public like because of the attacks he has been receiving against his artistic honesty on his twitter account. His artistic integrity was questioned after LaBeouf lacked to give Daniel Clowes credit for his work. Shia Labeof created a short film,, that resembled “Justin M. Damiano” a 2007 comic about a film critic by Daniel Clowes. Magazine Vanity Fair’s Hollywood edition claims, “The film even uses most of Clowes’ dialogue, in some cases nearly word-for-word.” LaBeouf could almost certainly be liable for copyright infringement if “Justin M. Damiano” is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Vanity Fair’s also states that, “Clowes is pursuing his legal options” and rumor has it that LeBeouf undoubtedly does not fall under fair use.

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Here is a link to Shia LaBeouf’s “” short film


Copyright infringement happens within the comic industry frequently. DC Comics is owner of the registered copyright the Batman comic books and they also own federal trademark on all Batman related marks. Mark Towle created replicas of the Batmobile and held them for sale without getting authorization from DC Comics nor claiming that he conceived the idea from Batman in DC Comics. DC Comics’ lawyer then sent Towle a cease and desist letter for both copyright and trademark infringement. The court ruled in DC Comic favor because they found Towle’s work to be derivative and Towle’s duplicated work did was not covered by fair use.


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